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Rock'n'Roller Ashley Kemeny!

I had an exceptional experience shooting this 20 year old musical goddess! Ashley was a joy to work with, so positive and refreshing. I feel like we clicked right away and we had a ball on set! We started in studio with some simple headshot's (for the day job!) and then moved onto the more creative looks. Ashley brought a range of 70's inspired clothing which suits her personality perfectly. The overall look was completed with a flowy hairstyle and professional make up by the lovely Cynthia Legault. We captured some fun shots in the studio with Ashley's guitar before moving outdoors. We explored the surrounding area and came across a beautiful green area with a beaten old tunnel and some rail way tracks. Perfect for some outdoor music themed looks!

Ashley's EP 'Hell and Back Again' is available for download now at

Follow her musically journey on Instagram & Twitter @ashkemenymusic

Check out the results below...

Thanks for reading!!!! Have a great day - Nat xx

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