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Olga Orda & Leo's Law

This blog is one that is difficult for me to talk about as it is a very close topic to my heart. Animal Rights. I have been a vegetarian and animal lover for most of my life and have very strong compassion for animals and the way they are treated. My beautiful friend and founder of 'Leo's Law' Olga Orda experienced a tragedy within her family and has set out on a mission to change animal rights in British Columbia. I could not be more proud of her work and accomplishments so far and I am proud to be an ambassador and member of the Leo's Law Advocacy Society.

Leo’s Law was created to honour the life of Leo, a boxer who was euthanized in January 2015 by animal control officers. The society advocates for the respectful and humane treatment of all dogs in British Columbia, particularly those affected by s. 49 of the Community Charter regarding "special powers in relation to dangerous dogs". Leo’s Law Advocacy Society is seeking to fundamentally re-structure the process of detainment towards a more accountable and fair regime. In addition, we want to address a series of missing components that render the Section in its current form incomplete. The absence of these components have been identified by animal rights activists through a robust comparison of other provincial laws relating to dangerous dogs, as well as B.C.-specific case law which include statements made by judges. Olga is working night and day to ensure this will happen and it is incredible to see someone so passionate and strong about a positive change. I had the opportunity to help Olga with her headshots recently to help promote her business and I will do anything I can to support Leo's Law!

If anyone has any similar stories or to find out more about Leo's Law and how you can support this incredible movement please see - or contact Olga at

For some more beautiful pictures of Leo and to read other stories like this please keep up to date with Leo's Law on Facebook >

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